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Bonneville Austin Healey Club

Events and News

Recent Events

British Field Day

I attended this even only briefly (sans Healey) to nab a few photos and say howdy to the participants...so I really have nothing to write about here!  The BAHC was well represented by Jim Thornton (two cars), Don Colman, Darin and Elaine Graber, Bob Markmann, Dave Maxwell, Keith  and Liz Mott, Jim Revel and Craig Ward (please let me know if I have left anyone out). If any of the attendees wish to supply a paragraph or two, please do so. There are more pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Article: J. Hanson 

Photos: J. Hanson and J. Revel 





 Economy Rallye: June 2

Saturday was the BAHC's Economy Rallye starting at the Flying J / Denny's at 900 W 2100 S in Salt Lake. Participants were to arrive shortly before 10 am to top up their tanks, collect their swag bags put together by Elaine Graber and look over their route instructions provided by Darin Graber. They were to set off in 5 minute intervals on a pre-determined route of 38.4 miles that included urban, country, mountain & flat driving. Weather was sunny and low 70's and after a short gulp & go at the truck stop starting line, the participants, Dil Strasser and myself along with our navigators, headed out. 

Traffic was light and the scenery was green and lush. Scenic spots were Liberty Park, The Avenues, City Creek loop, Capitol Building, Immigration Canyon and Downtown Sugarhouse, On State street we pulled over and added some petroleum products to Dil's steed, but quickly off again without further issues. In under two hours, we made our way back to the Denny's for lunch after a quick stop off at Dil's house to chat about his other Healey's.  The cars ran great and a good time was had by Dil and his navigator grandson Zach, and Elaine & myself along with our dog Digby.

Article and photos: Darin Graber

Please see Photo Gallery for additional pictures. 






Sugarhouse Park Shine and Show - May 19

Those in attendance were Dil Strasser, who organized the event & he brought his Blue Healey & 12 cyl. JAG, Jim Thornton in his Old English White BN6, Darin Graber in his Black &Red 100-6, Don Colman in his Green "Frog eye Sprite & Jim Revel in his Red 100. Glen  and Karen Schimmelpfennig also dropped by to say hi to the group. Please see photo gallery for more pictures.

Article and Photos: Jim Revel 



April Tech Session

Eight BAHC members, including myself showed up for our tech session held at my work place.  Attendees included Don Hughes, Bob Jahnke, Darin & Elaine Graber, Craig Ward, Dave Maxwell, Glen Schimmelpfennig and myself.

Since we had no members needing help show up, we mainly worked on donuts and coffee. Dave and Craig did replace a flasher unit and overdrive switch on Dave’s 100-4. Darin gave out a check-list of items to service before hitting the road after a long winter.

Photos and article: Jim Thornton





AutoRama 2018

The BAHC had a nice showing of Healeys at this year's AutoRama. Darin Graber, Craig Ward, Bob and Fran Riemenschneider, Jim Thornton and Jon Hanson were BAHC participants in this event...who I might add won first through fifth in the "Foreign Sports" category (in that order). It is my understanding that we were the ONLY entrants in that category - a convenient situation!

The event actually started on Wednesday, March 21st when we loaded the cars into the Expo Center. The show was open to the public between 3 pm the following Friday to 6 pm on Sunday. The BAHC display was a real standout with brass stanchions, red velvet rope, British flags and a number of tastefully placed fake ficus trees (thanks to Bingham high school and the BMCU for the use of these items).

We exited the event shortly after 6 pm on Sunday into a well-timed snow storm. Had I a camera handy, I would have taken a picture of a smiling Jim Thornton driving north on State Street in the snow, no top, and wipers furiously clearing the snow off the windshield. My wipers croaked  from snow load when I turned off from State Street onto 21st South so spent twenty-six blocks with my left arm out the window clearing snow with a towel and driving semi-blind. I should add that the snow stopped one hour after my arrival at home! 

 Many thanks to Darin for organizing this BAHC display and doing the bulk of the work associated with it! This was a lot of work!

 Please see additional photos in the gallery. 

 Article: J. Hanson

Photos: J. Hanson 







Playing in the sand: 1985 West Coast Meet, Monterey, CA

Upcoming Events

June 21-24:  Summer Tour, Idaho British Car Club (see this link
July 10: General Meeting. Taqueria 27 in Lamplighter Square (on Foothill Drive), 7:30 pm
July 15-20: AHCA Conclave at French Lick, Indiana. 
August 25: WMJR's Park City Classic Car Show 
Sept 11: General Meeting, Joe Morley's BBQ, 7:30 p.m. 
Sept 15-16: SW Idaho All British Field Meet (see this link) at The Village at Meridian (see this link) and video of last year's event (see this link). See informational flyer in link below.
Nov. 13: General Meeting, parts north TBA 

SW Idaho All British Field Meet


Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2018 minutes

March 13, 2018 minutes

April 5, 2018 minutes



New Member

 We have another new member we would like to welcome to B.A.H.C. -  Merle and Christine Voss in So. Weber Utah.

They have a 1972 MG Midget in good condition.  Hopefully they will be able to join us on future rides and events.


Safety tips for club touring (thanks to the AHCUSA)